• Perth in Five Drinks

    Emma Farrelly, Director of Wine for the ground-breaking rebirth of Perth’s historic State Buildings, takes us on a personal tour of the west’s capital. As always, it’s a tale told through the lens of five favourite drinks.

  • The Sudden-Death Bout: Murdoch Hill & Frederick Stevenson

    While gearing up for the 2020 edition of the Young Gun of Wine Awards, we look back at one of the most controversial moments in the 13-year history of the showcase.Over the journey, there have been events of revelation, drama, upheaval, and massive celebration. Falling into the stand-alone category of ‘bombshell victories’ was the outcome of the Winemakers’ Choice award in 2015.

  • Hobart in Five Drinks

    We asked Adelaide expat Alister Robertson, helmsman at Hobart micro-wineslinger Sonny, to give us his take on what makes Hobart tick. Appropriately, it’s a tale told in five drinks.

  • Handmade Wine, Inside and Out

    Wine labels usually don’t factor in wine competitions, where blind-tasting rules mean that wines are judged in a vacuum. YGOW is unique because it is not a blind tasting. The quality of the wines, of course, has primacy for the judges, but other factors are allowed into play, including creativity, leadership, the whole wine package….