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  • Australia’s Best Syrah

    Shiraz is inarguably Australia’s key red variety, with a style built on fruit depth and concentration. The ‘brand shiraz’ monolith sparked a counter movement in the early 2000s that favoured elegance and perfume, and one that branded itself with the French name for the grape: syrah. Today, Australian syrah is a category in its own right, and an exciting one at that.

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  • Announcing Wine Guns for Hire – The Wine Industry Jobs Market

    Wine Guns for Hire is the place for seasoned professionals and new talent to take their next professional step in the wine industry. There are all manner of jobs at businesses along the supply chain, from growing grapes and making wine to servicing and supplying wine businesses, from selling and serving bottles to those whose job it is to talk about wine, as well as those business roles behind the business, such as IT, accounting and design, etc.

  • Discovering the Ageability of Semillon

    We followed Charlotte Hardy of Charlotte Dalton Wines for a day, at her new base in Port Elliott, to make a video that touches on her approach to semillon and chat about where she sees the variety in South Australia.

  • Wild Times on the River of Riesling

    In this third instalment of a seven-part series produced in collaboration with Vintage Cellars – 70 years of supporting wine in Australia – we look at Australian wine in the 1960s, at the influence of technology, the birth of iconic styles and the personalities that shaped that most pivotal decade.

  • Honouring the Land – Defining our Subregions

    Australia has plenty of wine history, and we arguably have the most precious resource of old and ancient vines in the world, but we’re still a young wine country by European standards. Many of our revered wine regions took shape relatively recently. Describing our key wine regions in broad brushstrokes is a starting point, but one of the most critical ongoing projects is defining and mapping the finer detail, uncovering subregional nuances and drilling down on the detail that makes our wine country special. We catch up with Vanya Cullen to discuss her challenge of establishing Wilyabrup as an official subregion of Margaret River.

  • Tasmania’s Top 5 Places for Wine Fun in 2021

    With its gentle autumn days and mild summers, Tasmania is the perfect locale for cool-climate winemaking, and that is now matched with wine-focused venues that are the envy of the mainland. The island may be small, but its bar and restaurant scene certainly isn’t. The Wineslinger 2021 list of Australia’s top places for wine fun is here, with Tasmania’s Top 5 a neat snapshot of why the island state is such a wine lover’s paradise.

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“If we went back 10 years, the relationship between sugar and acidity would be a lot more obvious – all over the shop. There’d be sugar here, acid there, and things would not be anywhere near as in balance as a lot of the wines we saw today.”

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