• Through rosé-coloured glasses

    It’s not so long ago that rosé was derided in this country, with the market dominated by luridly coloured and cloyingly sweet local offerings – more beverage than wine, bottled sun-soaked frivolity.
    We asked importer and rosé aficionado Felix Riley about the current state of play and the future for rosé.

  • The Future of Henschke

    “All old vines were young vines once,” says Stephen. “We’re curators of ancestor vines that are revered now. But once upon a time they were planted by people who – like Prue is now – were just exploring different grape varieties in this new country to see what would work. Back then, it was shiraz; now we’re planting nebbiolo, tempranillo, a whole multitude of new varieties that could well become old vines for future generations of Henschkes.”

  • Meet Brett – Tech 101

    Want to know why your glass of shiraz tastes like a pony? Brettanomyces has got to be one of the dirtiest words in wine – reviled by many, its existence completely ignored by others. So, what is it?