• Vale Taras Ochota

    On Tuesday October 13th, Taras Ochota (2013 Young Gun of Wine) parted with this world after a long illness, leaving behind Amber, his beloved partner in wine and life, and his adored children, Sage and Anouk.

  • There’s Something Supernatural About Wine

    Natural wine – or naturalness in wine – is a thorny issue. And it’s one that seems to have created a divide that sees seemingly conventional wines pitched against the creative flourishes of the avant-garde. But are we missing the point? The truth is not always easy to unpick, especially when there is often a degree of opacity to methods of both farming and making…

  • An Italian Expert’s Guide to Prosecco, and the Top Australian Versions

    Is it a grape, is it a region, is it a wine style? Prosecco is either loved or hated. For some, it is a symbol of celebration and conviviality. For others, it is a wine with a bad reputation. No longer synonymous with Italy, we dig into the story of Prosecco, from pleasant origins in Italy’s Treviso hills to racy marketing with Paris Hilton, and legal battles over the rights to the Prosecco term… We also taste tested to find the best Australian proseccos, and name our favourites here.

  • How to Order Wine at a Restaurant

    At some point everyone has felt lost, overwhelmed or embarrassed trying to order wine at a restaurant or wine bar. Follow these simple tips, compiled with help from five wine hospitality veterans, and it never has to happen again.

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