Deep Dive

  • Australia’s Best Rosé

    Three years after our inaugural Deep Dive into rosé, and with summer unfurling before us, it’s an apt time to cast our eyes across the Australian pink wine landscape. And when we say pink, the Pantone swatch book of rosé veers from the pale and coppery to the distinctly ruddy, and from a range of varieties that could include… well, anything. We gathered every Australian rosé that we could find and set our expert panel the task of finding the wines that compelled the most.

  • Searching for the Best Pinot Noir in Mornington Peninsula

    Mornington Peninsula winemakers have been cutting a very serious path solely with quality and individuality the driving forces, and few would argue against the fact that pinot noir has become the region’s most emblematic variety. And it’s well due that we tested the water temperature with a Deep Dive.

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  • Water with Terroir

    To some, water is just water. But to Simon Wooley, it is far more than that. A quest to find the perfect accompaniment to food, and to effortlessly complement wine, took him to the many pristine springs across New Zealand, until he discovered the source for his Antipodes water. That water had the perfect balance between minerality, softness and vitality. It was water with a sense of place, terroir, if you will.

  • The Art of Ageing Wine Gracefully

    Wines are alive. They breathe, they mature, they change over time in bottle. The bright sweetness of primary fruit dissipates to instead promote earthy, savoury notes, and the structure softens and mellows. Whether you like vibrantly fresh flavours or those developed over time – or the middle ground where they meet – is a matter of personal preference, but if you’re going to lay a bottle down for even a couple of years there are some things you need to know. With thanks to our partners at Liebherr, we caught up with some of Australia’s top sommeliers to get their golden rules of cellaring…

  • Australia’s Top 50 Vineyards in 2022

    The 2022 Vineyard of the Year Awards Top 50 has just landed. “As thousands of Australian grape growers and winemakers struggle with the most sodden start to the growing season they’ve ever experienced – not to mention the flood devastation suffered by many, and the ongoing fallout from the pandemic – it’s good to be reminded that many vignerons across the country are also looking beyond the here-and-now, to long-term sustainability, regeneration and exciting quality improvements in their vineyards,” said awards panellist Max Allen.

  • The 2022 Wineslinger Trophy Winners

    The 2022 Wineslinger Awards – the fifth annual edition of the wine guru’s guide to the best haunts in Australia right now – have just been announced, with the winners crowned at a trophy presentation in Melbourne.

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“If we went back 10 years, the relationship between sugar and acidity would be a lot more obvious – all over the shop. There’d be sugar here, acid there, and things would not be anywhere near as in balance as a lot of the wines we saw today.”

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