Deep Dive

  • Australia’s Best Pinot Gris/Grigio

    Pinot gris/grigio can be made in many different styles from the achingly dry to the rich and luscious. Add to that a raft of cherry-red skinsy wines bursting with red-fruited flavour that have popped onto the market of late, and gris is looking like a vibrantly exciting category. So much so that a Deep Dive is called for.

  • Australia’s Best Syrah

    Shiraz is inarguably Australia’s key red variety, with a style built on fruit depth and concentration. The ‘brand shiraz’ monolith sparked a counter movement in the early 2000s that favoured elegance and perfume, and one that branded itself with the French name for the grape: syrah. Today, Australian syrah is a category in its own right, and an exciting one at that.

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  • Raising the Bar – Australian Wine in the Last Decade

    In this final instalment of a seven-part series produced in collaboration with Vintage Cellars – 70 years of supporting wine in Australia – we look at some key trends for Australian wine in the 2010s: the institutional big red trophy that found interest in cool light reds, the growth in organic wines, the proliferation of alternative varieties, the rebirth of grenache, the new emergence of a wine bar culture and natural wines.

  • The Silver Lining of the Noughties

    We look at Australian wine in the 2000s, attack of the critter wines, winemaking’s counter to the ‘anything but chardonnay’ movement, the rise of younger winemakers and biodynamics, new varieties and skin contact wines. It was a turbulent but exciting decade, where market challenges forced the industry to innovate, which started the contemporary new wave of Australian wine felt today.

  • Bush Vines & Great Wine

    We’re all familiar with vineyard images of vines trained along a trellis, forming neat curtains of grapevine rows as the growing season progresses. But recently in the Australian wine drinkers’ lexicon, the phrase ‘bush vines’ has been popping up. So what are bush vines, and, more importantly, how do the wines from bush vines differ to those from a conventional farming system?

  • Cool Rising and the Parker Effect

    In this fifth instalment of a seven-part series produced in collaboration with Vintage Cellars – 70 years of supporting wine in Australia – we look at Australian wine in the 1990s, the Parker effect, the rise of cool wine regions, flying winemakers and the science of wine.

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“If we went back 10 years, the relationship between sugar and acidity would be a lot more obvious – all over the shop. There’d be sugar here, acid there, and things would not be anywhere near as in balance as a lot of the wines we saw today.”

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