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Wineslinger Awards

The wine guru’s guide to the best haunts in Australia right now

In 2018 we launched Wineslinger to lead people to places around Australia where they can enjoy a glass of wine, whilst at the same time encouraging the creativity and excellence in this environment.

We’re presenting an annual Top venues list as determined by a cross section of Australia’s leading wine and hospitality tastemakers – over 100 winemakers, sommeliers and journalists – who vote on their favourite wine haunts.

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“One of the Most coveted, and recognised, awards in the industry.”
Channel Nine News

The Young Gun of Wine Awards

Our annual winemaker awards, established 2007

The thing about emerging wine producers is they’re a source of innovation, inspiration and new ideas. They’re not shackled by conventions. They’re free. Wide-eyed; adventurous; eager to travel; to experiment; to remix, they question everything. They create energy. They excite. And this is how they lead.

The Young Gun of Wine Awards is a search and showcase of winemaking talent, open to both young wine labels and winemakers on the rise.

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“An incubator for emerging talent... Nominees since 2007 reads like a who’s who of the contemporary wine scene in Australia.”
Chairman, Wine Australia

Vineyard of the Year

Connecting to where wine starts

As winemakers frequently say, “great wine is made in the vineyard.” Through these awards we will reconnect finished wine to the place and the manner in which the grapes are grown. We want to talk about provenance, and the unsung heroes of wine – the viticulturists, the growers, the custodians of the vines who labour at producing the best fruit they can.

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