We’re here to help people discover the joy of wine. We’re curators and writers, and we also produce events. We’re very serious about the subject of wine, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe in fun over formality.

This is the place where we share anything to do with wine – not just our own projects.

The thing is…

The world of wine is immense, and constantly growing. We’ll never stop learning from the vast lineage of people, places and grape varieties. Hey, there are over 10,000 grape varieties – which, frankly, is impossible to keep up with. And amphoras are a hit again, some 5,000-odd years later. Meanwhile, there’s also this unfurling of information: unfamiliar varieties being explored, and styles of wine constantly being reimagined, remixed and reinvented. The point is, we’re all still figuring things out. And that’s the fun part. Suddenly, we’re in an age where ideas are instantly transmitted. It’s exciting. Wine is an old art, but it’s suddenly fresh too, and we’re all students in it.

About us

Through our eponymous awards, we have been showcasing the work of young wine labels and winemakers on the rise since 2007, while our Wineslinger awards celebrate the best venues for wine, and our vineyard awards brings attention to the place of origin and how wine is grown. But we’re also taking a bigger and broader view, because there’s so much out there to experience.

We love the adventure of wine. The new products, and the old – that first time you find them. The thrill of discovery. We love the people, the regions, and the ideas.

Young Gun of Wine is the place to discover wine in new ways. To engage with people and products. To engage with the culture around wine, and to be informed. We want to bottle and serve it as viscerally as we can.

Young Gun of Wine is a platform for new voices, as well as those better known. A place for the unvarnished truth from growers, makers, sellers and dedicated writers.

We’ll review wines, and we’ll conduct exhaustive tastings with some of the brightest minds in the land. We’ll give you the lowdown on the best places to eat and drink, and where to go when you’re visiting any of our wine regions. We’ll keep you in touch with trends and other tidbits. And we’ll also keep you up to date with wine-centric happenings from right across the country, as well our own events.

Above all, we’ll bring you genuine editorial content, with opinions worn proudly on our sleeves. It’s a pretty exciting time for wine right now, and we’ll keep you in the loop.

The place for new voices

In a very different wine world, Young Gun of Wine started in 2007 as an event sorely needed to contemporise an image of wine and to connect it to people. Since then, we’ve been actively championing, supporting, getting involved with, and learning about wine through our awards for winemakers, Wineslingers, and more recently for winegrowers.

Just as we started off giving a platform for winemakers, our next step is to provide a channel for new voices for a new era of wine lovers.

Sure, we’ll have recognised names contributing to our media, but we will work hard to give you the angle from the growers, the makers, the wholesalers, the retailers and the sommeliers, too.

Editorial policy

There’s no shortage of talented people from right across the wine trade with something interesting to say, and often with a fresh way of saying it. These people are in the thick of things, not armchair observers. We’ll get the take of people in the wine game, and when we publish their words, we’ll let you know exactly where they fit into the picture – full disclosure.

We’ll review specific wines, but what we’ll never do is reduce them to a mark out of 20 or 100. To us, scores are the dark side of wine. They miss the point. People obsess over them. They reduce something complex, something subjective down to a simple set of numbers. Wine should not be colour by numbers. Does anyone need a point score to appreciate art?! Wine is personal, and the best judge of your palate is you. Any wine we feature is a wine we believe well worth putting in your glass, whether it be something fun or a little more profound. We’ll let the words do the talking, as they should.

We may publish articles from time to time that involve some of our sponsorship partners, but these will be written like any piece of independent journalism: without interference. And we’ll always clearly note any sponsorship role. If we ever publish material that is sponsor driven, in the form of advertising or advertorial content, then this will always be clearly indicated.

Aside from unambiguous advertisements, Young Gun of Wine will never include paid endorsements for products, venues, regions or people as part of our content. As with the voting for the our winemaker and Wineslinger awards, all editorial content is completely independent.

Editorial enquiries

If you’d like to send us a press release about products, places or events, or anything else of interest, please email editor@younggunofwine.com

Want to send us your wine samples? Please post them to:

Young Gun of Wine
Studio 2 / 92 Clyde Street
St Kilda VIC 3182
(Deliveries access via 107 Grey Street)

Advertising enquiries

We offer various opportunities for marketing, from online advertising, to sponsorships and bespoke experiential ideas. Please contact as via ads@younggunofwine.com to start a conversation about how we can promote your brand.

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