• The Wine Farmer’s Wife

    A tree change can seem all too glamorous, especially with all the romanticism that’s inevitably attached to owning a vineyard. Anna Hawkins of Gippsland’s The Wine Farm shares her reflections on just how much greener that grass actually is.

  • Through rosé-coloured glasses

    It’s not so long ago that rosé was derided in this country, with the market dominated by luridly coloured and cloyingly sweet local offerings – more beverage than wine, bottled sun-soaked frivolity.
    We asked importer and rosé aficionado Felix Riley about the current state of play and the future for rosé.

  • Meet Brett – Tech 101

    Want to know why your glass of shiraz tastes like a pony? Brettanomyces has got to be one of the dirtiest words in wine – reviled by many, its existence completely ignored by others. So, what is it?

  • Final 12 Winemakers in the 2019 Awards

    Following the recent Top 50 event, today we announce the Final 12 winemakers contending for trophies in the 13th annual Young Gun of Wine Awards… the best-of-the-best young wine labels and winemakers on the rise for 2019. The Final 12 consist of four labels from Western Australia, four from Victoria, three from South Australia, and…