Thinking Outside the Box

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  • Thinking Outside the Box

    A new wave of producers marrying lo-fi winemaking with an environmentally friendly agenda is seeing the humble cask undergo a decidedly cool revival. In this edition of New Voices in Wine, James Vercoe talks through the cask renaissance with Marcus Radny of bag-in-the-box specialist Gonzo Vino.

  • Under the Vinfluence

    Vinfluencers are a new kind of wine communicator putting themselves front and centre as they spread their wine gospel celebrating pleasure and fun. In this edition of New Voices in Wine, Anais Gschwind meets some of the smart, savvy and sexy women at the vanguard of this movement, and investigates why not everyone is as enthusiastic about them as they are about wine.

  • Calling All Winegrowers – the 2021 Vineyard of the Year Awards

    These awards are a celebration of viticulture, and it is through the championing of all the top vineyards and their growers, that we can elevate the awareness of the grower in the wines we love. This collective industry benefit is the great outcome of these awards, and the path forward is through participation. So, we’re calling all winegrowers to step forward.

  • Babydolls and McLaren Vale’s Other Green Pin-Ups

    Sustainability is a hot word right now. And one that is hard to pin down. It’s easy for people to talk about being sustainable; it’s another thing to actually live by such principles. Lieke van der Hulst takes us inside a community of winegrowers in McLaren Vale who are making changes from the ground up.

  • 15th Annual Young Gun of Wine Awards Winners

    Young Gun of Wine has announced the trophy winners for their 15th annual winemaker awards.
    Since 2007, the awards have expanded and grown. Beginning with two trophies, then growing to five, 2021 sees a new accolade added in a natural evolution of the awards. Here are the results of the 15th annual edition.

  • Unprecedented

    Like many of us, Ravensworth’s Brian Martyn had a pretty crap year in 2020. First the bushfire smoked out his crop and a big slice of income, then COVID did its thing. That’s enough to get anyone down, but the wine (and beer – read on) community’s a resourceful one, and with a little help from his friends, he’s stitched together a dazzlingly silky purse from one hell of a sow’s (y)ear.

  • Australia’s 50 Best Young Wine Labels & Winemakers in 2021

    This year marks the 15th annual edition of the Young Gun of Wine Awards – created for young wine labels and winemakers on the rise. The annual list has become the go-to guide for drinkers looking for cutting-edge wines. And now, the time has come to uncover our Top 50 winemakers for 2021.