• Natural Progression

    What is natural wine? Unpack what natural wine is meant to be, and how the firm philosophical foundations of the movement have been muddied by what has become an explosive and often confusing trend. Clear crown-sealed bottle, colourful hand-applied label, orange-hued hazy wine… natural? Not necessarily…

  • Wine anxiety & Vignette book release, with foreword by Ben Shewry

    In Vignette: Stories of Life & Wine in 100 Bottles, Jane Lopes takes the reader on a very personal journey through wine. In his foreword for Lopes’ book, Ben Shewry, the legendary chef-owner of Attica, talks about the awkwardness that he often felt around wine, as well as the talents of Lopes to quell that anxiety and allow him to finally “learn to love wine.” Shewry nicely captures, through his own lens, what it feels like to be a wine ‘outsider’ and how with the right guidance a new and sometimes magical world can be opened for us all.

  • Introducing the 50 best places to enjoy wine in Australia

    The votes are in. Our 100-strong national panel of the finest winemakers, sommeliers and journalists have had their say, and today we’re pleased to announce the Top 50 Wineslingers for 2019. There’s been plenty of movement from last year, with 19 venues new to the list, but we’ve also seen some of the country’s brightest…

  • The Wine Farmer’s Wife

    A tree change can seem all too glamorous, especially with all the romanticism that’s inevitably attached to owning a vineyard. Anna Hawkins of Gippsland’s The Wine Farm shares her reflections on just how much greener that grass actually is.