How to Order Wine at a Restaurant

  • How to Order Wine at a Restaurant

    At some point everyone has felt lost, overwhelmed or embarrassed trying to order wine at a restaurant or wine bar. Follow these simple tips, compiled with help from five wine hospitality veterans, and it never has to happen again.

  • Announcing the Vineyard of the Year Awards

    For too long, winemakers have received all the adulation for the quality of the wines we drink. They deserve much of that acclaim, of course: some of our best friends are winemakers* and we love what they do. But let’s face it: it’s in the vineyard, out there, in the hands of the viticulturist/grower, among…

  • Adelaide’s Best Wine Stores

    Adelaide’s wine culture is seen clearly in the its best wine shops. Here’s our round up of the best retailers the city has to offer – the places that you’ll find winemakers and wineslingers shopping for themselves.

  • The World’s Best Wine Documentaries

    From dildo manufacturing Bordeaux collectors in China, to counterfeiting $35 million worth of rare wine at auction, to the controversial Barolo Wars of the 80s, here are the crème de la crème of wine documentaries.

  • Max Allen’s Intoxicating New Book

    We caught up with Max Allen to discuss his new book, his dream of making a uniquely Australian cider and the future of the Australian wine industry, amongst other things…

  • Ageing Chardonnay

    Not so long ago, it was deemed a short-term cellaring prospect, but Australian chardonnay today is anything but, with recognition that the best examples age gracefully for many years. We followed Michael Downer of Murdoch Hill in the Adelaide Hills for a day, to make a video that offers a glimpse into his winemaking approach and we discuss how chardonnay ages.

  • The Experts’ Guide to the Best Hangover Cures

    Hair of the dog. Raw eggs. Coffee, courage, ginseng and various recipes involving Tabasco sauce are just some of the popular hangover fixes. But do any of them actually work to eradicate injury and restore health? We ask the experts for advice on that brutal opponent, the alcohol hangover.

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