Australia’s Best Young Wine Labels & Winemakers in 2022

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  • Australia’s Best Young Wine Labels & Winemakers in 2022

    This year marks the 16th annual edition of the Young Gun of Wine Awards – created for young wine labels and winemakers on the rise. The annual list has become the go-to guide for drinkers looking for cutting-edge wines. And now, the time has come to uncover our top winemakers for 2022.

  • The Second Annual Vineyard of the Year Awards Winners

    The second instalment of the annual Vineyard of the Year Awards has been decided following a six month process that included site inspections of shortlisted finalists, with the judging panel reaching a consensus on the winner of the four trophies: New Vineyard of the Year; Old Vineyard of the Year; Innovative Vineyard of the Year, dubbed ‘The Groundbreaker’; and Vineyard of the Year.

  • Bush Vines & Great Wine

    We’re all familiar with vineyard images of vines trained along a trellis, forming neat curtains of grapevine rows as the growing season progresses. But recently in the Australian wine drinkers’ lexicon, the phrase ‘bush vines’ has been popping up. So what are bush vines, and, more importantly, how do the wines from bush vines differ to those from a conventional farming system?

  • The 2021 Wineslinger Trophy Winners

    The Wineslinger Awards, the wine guru’s guide to the best haunts in Australia right now, has crowned the 2021 Wineslinger winners – as voted on by over 150 of the country’s leading sommeliers, winemakers, hospitality tastemakers and journalists.

  • Escaping the Rat Race – Career Goals in the Country

    We take a closer look at the growing trend of industry professionals ditching city life and moving to regional areas in the pursuit of a better work-life balance. Acclaimed wine writer and novelist Campbell Mattinson – who has experienced a tree-change first hand – speaks with some of the wine guns that have upped stakes and taken their skills off the beaten track.

  • Australia’s Top 50 Vineyards in 2021

    The 2021 Vineyard of the Year Awards Top 50 has just landed. “There’s so much great work being done in vineyards across the country,” said awards panellist Max Allen, “and wine drinkers still don’t hear about it often enough – but we’re trying to change that!”

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