…in five drinks

  • Adelaide Hills in Five Drinks

    We asked Adelaide Hills native Pablo Theodoros, publican of the Stanley Bridge Tavern, to walk us through his beloved region. As always, it’s a tale told through the medium of five favourite drinks…

  • Castlemaine in Five Drinks

    Pat Underwood, the winemaker behind the Little Reddie label, and founding member of the Boomtown Wine cooperative in the old Castlemaine Woolen Mill, gives us the inside running to the people and places of Castlemaine. As always, it’s a tale told through the lens of five favourite drinks.

  • Daylesford in Five Drinks

    Now that we’re emerging from the social symptoms of COVID-19, and have the opportunity to rekindle our relationship with our favourite places, we asked Jeremy Shiell, Daylesford native and one of Australia’s most respected sommeliers, to gives us his version of the area. As before, it’s a tale told through five favourite drinks…

  • Hobart in Five Drinks

    We asked Adelaide expat Alister Robertson, helmsman at Hobart micro-wineslinger Sonny, to give us his take on what makes Hobart tick. Appropriately, it’s a tale told in five drinks.

  • Perth in Five Drinks

    Emma Farrelly, Director of Wine for the ground-breaking rebirth of Perth’s historic State Buildings, takes us on a personal tour of the west’s capital. As always, it’s a tale told through the lens of five favourite drinks.


Adelaide’s Top 10 Places for Wine Fun in 2021

Given Adelaide’s proximity to some of the country’s most influential wine-growing regions, it should come as no surprise that finding a glass of something great in the City of Churches isn’t all that difficult. And yet, there’s certainly no resting on laurels happening either. The evolution of concepts and ideas is a constant. The Wineslinger 2021 list of Australia’s top places for wine fun is here, and Adelaide’s Top 10 shows just how hot the city is right now.

Brisbane’s Top 10 Places for Wine Fun in 2021

Some of us like to drink wine at storied dining institutions, where tossing up between back-vintage Barolo or Brunello alongside a hefty bistecca is how it’s done. Then, there are others who get their kicks from premium German riesling under Coravin paired with dim sims and dan dan noodles. If the bars and restaurants that make up Brisbane’s Top 10 Wineslinger list this year are anything to go by, then it’s safe to say Queensland’s capital city is a place for all of us.

Canberra’s Top 5 Places for Wine Fun in 2021

With a raft of exceptional new venues sweeping the nation’s capital over the last few years, few can deny that cold old Canberra is turning the heat right up, leaving locals and guests suddenly spoilt for choice. The Wineslinger 2021 list of Australia’s top places for wine fun is here, with Canberra’s Top 5 showing just how exciting a wine destination the nation’s capital is right now.

Geelong by the Glass

Emerging from the long shadow of Melbourne and the key wine regions of the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and its vinous sub-regions have their own stories to tell. We asked Geelong resident, wine professional and local business owner Cam O’Keefe to fill us in on what makes Geelong tick.

Honouring the Land – Defining our Subregions

Australia has plenty of wine history, and we arguably have the most precious resource of old and ancient vines in the world, but we’re still a young wine country by European standards. Many of our revered wine regions took shape relatively recently. Describing our key wine regions in broad brushstrokes is a starting point, but one of the most critical ongoing projects is defining and mapping the finer detail, uncovering subregional nuances and drilling down on the detail that makes our wine country special. We catch up with Vanya Cullen to discuss her challenge of establishing Wilyabrup as an official subregion of Margaret River.

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