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All You Need to Know About the Barossa and Eden Valleys Wine Region

Explore the Barossa and Eden Valleys wine region from its early beginnings to the players that define it today. Learn about the grape varieties, climate, soils and wine styles that make it tick.


The Barossa has a distinctly German accent, with vestiges of the early migration of Prussian Lutherans palpable to this day.

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Geography, Soils & Climate

The elevation of the Eden Valley, topping out at 632 metres above sea level, results in lower mean temperatures than most of the Barossa.

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Grape Varieties & Wine Styles

While the Barossa Valley region is almost exclusively planted to red varieties, the Eden Valley is pretty close to an even split between red and white, which is largely a function of elevation and a consequently cooler climate, especially in the aptly titled subregion of High Eden, the only legal subregion of the Barossa Zone.

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Top Wine Producers and Cellar Doors

Our list of the best cellar doors to visit, and the wine producers you need to know, from established icons to those cutting new paths.

The Iconic Wineries

These are benchmark wineries that have helped to shape the region, and they stand as reference points today.

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The New Wave Wineries

The makers that are paving a new way, taking inspiration from the past and shaping a new future.

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Cellar Doors

There’s no better way to engage with makers than to visit them onsite, and these are some of the best wine experiences in the region.

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When You’re There

Travelling to a wine region isn’t always just about the wine. Discover our lists of the best places to eat – both casual and refined – our top accommodation recommendations – from budget to luxury – and our go-to lists of local attractions – from shopping to outdoor adventures.

Shopping & Other Attractions in Barossa

From shopping for regional specialties to organising an outdoor adventure, these are some of the region’s top attractions.

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Accommodation in Barossa

Whether splashing out or sticking to a budget, these are some of the best places to stay in Barossa.

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Eating Out – Barossa's Best Restaurants and Cafés

Whether it’s a lunch at the pub or dinner in a celebrated restaurant, no visit to Barossa is complete without exploring the dynamic food scene.

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