2023 Young Gun of Wine Trophy Winner’s Cancer Battle

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  • 2023 Young Gun of Wine Trophy Winner’s Cancer Battle

    Nick Dugmore, the ‘Vigneron’ trophy winner at the 2023 Young Gun of Wine Awards, was recently diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. Nick is just 38, and he has two young children with his wife, Bec. Nick is one of the nicest people in the wine game, generous of spirit and well loved. He is also a seriously talented grower and maker who has set his sights on championing his beloved region of Kangaroo Island, which rarely gets due attention.

  • History Made in the 17th Annual Young Gun of Wine Awards

    History was made at the 2023 Young Gun of Wine Awards, which were awarded at a ceremony on Monday night. Six trophies were presented, but for the first time in the 17 years of the awards, which champions emerging winemaking talent, an employee of a wine business took out the top trophy, the Young Gun of Wine, from a field of 50 finalists.

  • The Third Annual Vineyard of the Year Awards Trophy Winners

    The third instalment of the annual Vineyard of the Year Awards has been decided following a six month process that included site inspections of shortlisted finalists, with the judging panel reaching a consensus on the winners of the four trophies: New Vineyard of the Year; Old Vineyard of the Year; Innovative Vineyard of the Year, dubbed ‘The Groundbreaker’; and Vineyard of the Year.

  • Australia’s Best Young Wine Labels & Winemakers in 2023

    This year marks the 17th annual edition of the Young Gun of Wine Awards – created for young wine labels and winemakers on the rise. These winemakers are forming a new fabric in Australia’s wine culture and community. The annual list has become the go-to guide for drinkers looking for cutting-edge wines and the stories behind them. And now, the time has come to reveal our Top winemakers for 2023.

  • Water with Terroir

    To some, water is just water. But to Simon Wooley, it is far more than that. A quest to find the perfect accompaniment to food, and to effortlessly complement wine, took him to the many pristine springs across New Zealand, until he discovered the source for his Antipodes water. That water had the perfect balance between minerality, softness and vitality. It was water with a sense of place, terroir, if you will.

  • The Art of Ageing Wine Gracefully

    Wines are alive. They breathe, they mature, they change over time in bottle. The bright sweetness of primary fruit dissipates to instead promote earthy, savoury notes, and the structure softens and mellows. Whether you like vibrantly fresh flavours or those developed over time – or the middle ground where they meet – is a matter of personal preference, but if you’re going to lay a bottle down for even a couple of years there are some things you need to know. With thanks to our partners at Liebherr, we caught up with some of Australia’s top sommeliers to get their golden rules of cellaring…

  • Australia’s Top 50 Vineyards in 2022

    The 2022 Vineyard of the Year Awards Top 50 has just landed. “As thousands of Australian grape growers and winemakers struggle with the most sodden start to the growing season they’ve ever experienced – not to mention the flood devastation suffered by many, and the ongoing fallout from the pandemic – it’s good to be reminded that many vignerons across the country are also looking beyond the here-and-now, to long-term sustainability, regeneration and exciting quality improvements in their vineyards,” said awards panellist Max Allen.

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