Staying In, In Five Drinks – With Supernatural’s Peter Windrim

  • Staying In, In Five Drinks – With Supernatural’s Peter Windrim

    Our regular In Five Drinks column has been temporarily shelved because of… you know what. But if we can’t venture out, then we’re venturing deeper in. Peter Windrim from Supernatural Cellars in Byron Bay, our Wineslinger Maverick award winner for 2019, walks us through his picks. And it’s a wild, wild ride…

  • Virtual Events – Bringing The Top 50 To Your Lounge Room

    For the first time ever, Young Gun of Wine will host a series of virtual events in place of its annual Top 50 tasting events. Across the month of May, we will host seven experiential wine tastings with the Top 50 winemakers of 2020, along with other experts, with ‘attendees’ able to ask questions live during the broadcast.

  • Wineslinger venues adapting to COVID-19

    We’re living in unprecedented times, that’s for sure. For wineslingers across the country, that has meant going into hibernation mode or, for some, and probably many, closing for good. But plenty are adapting to a constantly changing environment, switching to takeaway and home delivery.

  • Here Are The 50 Best Young Wine Labels & Winemakers in Australia

    The Top 50 winemakers in the 14th annual Young Gun of Wine Awards has just landed. It’s one of the most diverse groups we’ve ever seen, with finalists from right across the country, and making wines that couldn’t be more different in style, but all linked by their sheer quality and individual character.

  • The Langton’s Lowdown: Tips on How to Buy Australia’s Best Wines

    If you’re interested in wine, particularly fine wine, you’ve almost definitely come across Langton’s. But unless you’re regularly flipping ‘Hill of Grace’ for ‘Grange’, chances are you’re not completely across exactly what they do, or how they can help you track down some rare Aussie wines at very decent prices.

  • The wine growers and makers devastated by bushfire – and how you can help

    This fire season, of course, comes during a sustained drought, water stress and record-breaking temperatures. Now more than ever, Australian consumers and wine lovers need to rally behind the industry and support our farmers, growers and wine producers. The most important thing is for tourists to return to the regions affected, as soon as it is safe, and to help producers by buying wine directly through their websites, where possible.

  • Spinifex, The Winemaker Factory

    Pete Schell of Spinifex was named the Young Gun of Wine in 2008. Since then, his winery has proven to be fertile ground for numerous new wine labels, and Schell seems to have some sort of Midas Touch, as the alumni reads like a who’s who of cutting edge winemakers and the awards: Abel Gibson…

  • The Sudden-Death Bout: Murdoch Hill & Frederick Stevenson

    While gearing up for the 2020 edition of the Young Gun of Wine Awards, we look back at one of the most controversial moments in the 13-year history of the showcase.Over the journey, there have been events of revelation, drama, upheaval, and massive celebration. Falling into the stand-alone category of ‘bombshell victories’ was the outcome of the Winemakers’ Choice award in 2015.

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