The 2022 Wineslinger Trophy Winners

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  • The 2022 Wineslinger Trophy Winners

    The 2022 Wineslinger Awards – the fifth annual edition of the wine guru’s guide to the best haunts in Australia right now – have just been announced, with the winners crowned at a trophy presentation in Melbourne.

  • Australia’s Top 50 Places for Wine Fun in 2022

    This year’s Top 50 is a fantastically mixed bunch, but one thing they all have in common is they love wine, and they want to share that love with you. Whether you’re in for the long haul or a quick drink and a snack, these Wineslingers just want to see you, and to share what they know, share what they love.

  • Trade Event: Deep Dive Highlights

    Calling all Wineslingers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, we’re coming to you this spring with a massive trade event. The ‘Deep Dive Highlights’ is a new vintage curation of six of the top wines from each of our 20+ Deep Dive editorials: from Australia’s Best Nebbiolo to Cabernet Franc, from Skin Contact White to Textural Riesling, from Pinot Shiraz Blends to McLaren Vale Grenache, and all the topics in between.

  • 16th Annual Young Gun of Wine Awards Winners

    Young Gun of Wine has announced the trophy winners for their 16th annual winemaker awards. Since 2007, the awards have provided an opportunity to connect emerging winemaking talent with wine drinkers, and to support creative talent shaking things up and exploring news ideas in wine. In that time, the awards have expanded and grown.

  • Australia’s Best Young Wine Labels & Winemakers in 2022

    This year marks the 16th annual edition of the Young Gun of Wine Awards – created for young wine labels and winemakers on the rise. The annual list has become the go-to guide for drinkers looking for cutting-edge wines. And now, the time has come to uncover our top winemakers for 2022.

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