2022 Adelina Shiraz Mataro Clare Valley

From the 2009 Young Gun of Wine Award winner, and the 2022 Vineyard of the Year Award winner, this is Col McBryde’s take on a classic blend, featuring vivid red fruits, dusty earthiness and dried laurel.

Wines We Love

The Adelina Vineyard – awarded the 2022 Vineyard of the Year – abuts the venerable Wendouree, and Col McBryde is a devotee of the wines, but he’s no mimic, bringing his own sensibilities to this classic blend made famous by Wendouree, with an ever increasing clarity of both fruit purity and site-reflectiveness in the wines. And this is no exception.

Tasting note

This comes both off the Adelina Vineyard and a famous neighbouring site (not Wendouree), with young mataro and very old shiraz vines, respectively. Zesty but ripe red fruit notes and sour black cherries are accented with a puff of regional dried mint and laurel leaf, bedded in a rugged kicked earth minerality. There’s weight here, but poise, too, a seamless blend of the pair.

Themes of this wine


Shiraz dominates the Australian wine industry, accounting for nearly a third of this country’s vines. The grape’s traditional home is in France’s Northern Rhône, with wines that combine elegance and power, while Australia is perhaps best known for the muscular styles from warmer areas. Today, drinkers of Australian shiraz are spoilt for choice with expressions ranging from the elegant and spicy to the monumental.


Mourvèdre has been in this country as long as any variety, but it has often been sunk into blends, playing a vital role but rarely grabbing the mic. And while that remains the destination for most of this darkly fruited and tannic grape, it can play a pivotal role in those wines, and gets the occasional outing solo in both red and rosé wines. As with many grapes typically used for blending, mourvèdre has a distinct personality. It is a variety that is often strong in tannic structure, quite dark fruited and spicy, often with an almost animal and wild herb aroma. This will naturally depend a little on site and winemaking, with the grape commonly made into rosé that shows none of that wildness, instead typically displaying red berry notes, though the wines are often still blends.

Clare Valley

A couple of hours north of Adelaide, the Clare Valley is home to some of Australia’s most famous riesling vineyards, with the grape accounting for almost 40 per cent of the plantings, with shiraz a close second, though cabernet sauvignon is also made to good acclaim. The soils vary across the five subregions, from terra rossa over limestone, to grey loams over slate, to fertile alluvial soils in the north. With a continental climate, the warm conditions benefit from the cool nights, retaining acidity in the grapes while the ample sunlight pushes the fruit to ripeness during the day.

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