2021 Sigurd Reserve Syrah Barossa Valley

Modern Barossa is perhaps an abused term, but it couldn’t be more apt here. A wine of impeccable elegance and balance, but with weight and earthy, spicy intent.

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From the great 2021 vintage, this is one of a trio of inaugural reserve releases from Sigurd, coming off a block of shiraz farmed by Dan Graham near Williamstown.

Tasting note

There’s a brooding quality to this that is at once Barossa and simultaneously something refreshingly new. There’s depth, so much of it, and an earthy, ferrous growl, but there’s also a transparency, a lightness of expression, a suppleness. This has spent 16 months in 2-year-old oak, which has eased the edges of the wine, and it sits in that Barossa vein of plushness, but it has weight without heaviness, succulent fruit without overt sweetness, and spice that dips into fennel seed and star anise. It’s a modern Barossa expression that feels old but also utterly new.

Themes of this wine


Shiraz dominates the Australian wine industry, accounting for nearly a third of this country’s vines. The grape’s traditional home is in France’s Northern Rhône, with wines that combine elegance and power, while Australia is perhaps best known for the muscular styles from warmer areas. Today, drinkers of Australian shiraz are spoilt for choice with expressions ranging from the elegant and spicy to the monumental.


The Barossa is arguably Australia’s most revered wine region. It dwarfs many other fine wine regions for scale, while firmly maintaining a quality profile, with its distinctive style and character recognised worldwide. It is dripping in history, has far and away the largest resource of old and ancient vines in the country, and fifth- and sixth-generation growers and makers proliferate. It is fair to call it the cornerstone of Australian wine. It is the home of powerful red wines, established names making established styles, but there are also makers finding new meaning in the territory.

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