New Voices in Wine – Criteria & Applications

News announcement of New Voices in Wine can be seen here.

How our New Voices in Wine will work

  • We’re searching for writers who love wine and wine lovers who aspire to write
  • To apply, answer some simple questions via the link below, and give us a pitch of your story ideas.
  • At this stage, there’s no start date or end date to the program. We aim to induct a new applicant at a rate of one per month. So, the sooner you get your application in, the better your chances of being selected for mentoring are.
  • The program will consist of mentoring sessions over Zoom/phone, where you can pick the brains of the mentor, while also developing and writing your story.
  • The deadline will be to have your final work published at younggunofwine.com within four weeks from being accepted into the program. Each writer will be paid for the article they write.

Who we are looking for

  • New wine writers. It’s OK to have had stuff published before, but we’re certainly not open to people with established wine writing gigs.
  • We’re looking for people with a passion for wine and ability to express themselves in written word, who can benefit from breaking further into the wine/media landscape. We’ll focus on people who love wine and want to add to the conversation in their own individual way, to turn over unturned stones etc.
  • Successful applicants may come from any industry.
  • Professional wine or writing experience is not required.

Mentee/inductee obligations

  • Within three weeks of commencement, you will have:
    • Had an initial mentoring session with each of the mentors, where you further develop your story idea and your approach to the writing. This is also an opportunity for you to take the lead with the questions you ask of the mentor, and tap into their industry wisdom and experiences that goes beyond your writing assignment.
    • Submitted a first draft of your writing to your mentors, for their creative feedback, by around the second week.
    • Had a second mentoring session with at least one of the mentors, or presented a second draft to at least one of your mentors, if required.
    • Supplied your completed draft to the Young Gun of Wine editor within three weeks of commencement, for the story to be published at younggunofwine.com. Once the story is published, you will be paid for the work.
  • Each inductee’s program will run its course within the space of a month – to have a story published by the new writer within four weeks of being accepted into the program.

Round one of applications for New Voices in Wine is now open, until March 26!

Applications must be made online, via this web form.

The application questions are as follows – we advise to prepare your responses in a document and then transfer to the web form to avoid losing writing entered directly to web page:

  • Any examples of your writing, please attach.
  • Any online examples of your writing, please provide.
  • Why are you applying for New Voices in Wine? Where does your motivation come from?
  • Have you had any wine education, whether it be through an educational institution or professional development, or wine courses run for wine lovers?
  • Do you have any professional writing experience? If so, please briefly describe.
  • What would you like to get out of the mentoring?
  • Pitch us three story ideas. Give us a one- or two-line synopsis of each story you’d like to write about.

Apply now via this web form.

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