Announcing Wine Guns for Hire – The Wine Industry Jobs Market

19 November 2021. Words by YGOW.

Today, Young Gun of Wine introduces an online jobs market for the wine industry: Wine Guns for Hire.

Wine Guns for Hire is the place for seasoned professionals and new talent to take their next step in the wine industry. There are all manner of jobs at businesses along the supply chain, from growing grapes and making wine to servicing and supplying wine businesses, from selling and serving bottles to those whose job it is to talk about wine, as well as those business roles behind the business, such as IT, accounting and marketing, etc.

“For 16 years now, Young Gun of Wine has been connecting people through wine,” says YGOW founder Rory Kent. “We have a strong community of all types of industry professionals as well as wine lovers. Since 2007, we’ve connected people, products and places. Now we’re connecting employers with staff too.”

As they say, ‘when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ Wine Guns for Hire is the place where wine lovers will come to be connected to their passion through their job.

For recruiters and employers, not only will it be a big pool to catch talent, but it will also help them save time in the process. Wine Guns for Hire comes with unique tools to efficiently organise applicants. With 30-day job listings starting from $75, coupled with the candidate management tools, unlimited edits to job ads – and more – it’s helping employers save time and money in the process.

Ultimately, it’s about connecting people, and most importantly it’s about the right job and the right person finding each another.

For candidates – from those taking their first step, to those taking their next step in the world of wine – Wine Guns for Hire is the one place to find any type of wine business job, anywhere around Australia – even in their own living room for those working-from-home opportunities. The site enables users to receive job alerts as well as privately save and edit their resume so they can apply for opportunities with a click of the button.

While Wine Guns for Hire is a job market, a candidate’s account is completely private, with their name and resume only seen by the holder of the job(s) they are applying for.

Recruiters, employers and candidates are openly invited to join Wine Guns for Hire now, where you can setup your free account and start connecting through the profession we love so much.

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