Wineslinger is an awards program by Young Gun of Wine, created to lead people to places around Australia where they can enjoy a glass of wine, whilst at the same time encouraging the creativity and excellence in this environment.

It is determined by a large cross section of Australia’s leading wine professionals (panellists listed below).

The results of the voting process has delivered a national Top 50 list of venues, which is then presented to the public for their say on who wins the People’s Choice award.


We want to lead people to venues where they can have a great wine experience.

The objective of this award is to showcase and celebrate the venues around Australia where our type of wine folk like to enjoy a glass of wine, or two, or more… Places with approachability, energy and adventure.

This award is not about one component such as food and wine matching, or the wine list, or the service… it is about the whole experience. What draws us all to those places where we like to enjoy wine is really the sum of the parts.

It’s often that undefinable thing a place has that makes it special. It is up to panellists to each establish their own lens of what venue has the best experience for wine drinkers.

This award is also an opportunity to recognise the originality, commitment, and quality of a venue’s offering.

There are blurred lines between wine bars, restaurants and pubs. Food and wine go hand in hand, so it’s hard to think of an on-premise venue where food doesn’t play a very good supporting role in the experience.

Boundaries of scope for this award include:

  • Degustation-only venues are out of scope. Whilst they might present a fantastic wine experience; we’re looking for places that are a more accessible treat to one’s self than a dining event.
  • The test of an applicable restaurant would be whether you could feasibly pop in for just a glass of wine.
  • Winery cellar door venues out of consideration of these awards.
  • Top 50 venues announced July
  • People’s Choice voting runs July-September
  • Trophy winners announced September

The panel of over 100 sommeliers, winemakers and trade leaders are listed below. “These panelists are selected for their know-how, their taste, and the fact that they are out and about visiting venues near and afar on a constant basis. They are chosen because they have a keen eye, a killer palate and they know a good time when they see one.” Editorial director, Nick Stock.

Adam Foster (Syrahmi)
AJ Hoadley (La Violetta)
Alex Head (Head Wines)
Andrew Guard (Andrew Guard Wine Imports)
Andrew Jamieson (Andrew Jamieson Wine Merchants)
Andrew Marks (Wanderer)
Andrew Smith (Veraison)
Andrew Thomas (Thomas)
Angus Vinden (Vinden Estate)
Anthony D’Anna (Boccaccio Cellars)
Belinda Thomson (Crawford River)
Ben Mullen (Clyde Park)
Brad Hickey (Brash Higgins)
Bryan Martin (Ravensworth/Clonakilla)
Caitlyn Rees (Fred’s
Campbell Mattinson (The Wine Hunter)
Cath Willcock (Imbibo)
Celine Rousseau (Eden Road)
Charlotte Hardy (Charlotte Dalton)
Chris Carpenter (Lark Hill)
Chris Crawford (Crown)
Chris Morrison (This Is Not A Wine Guide)
Chris Tyrrell (Tyrrells)
Chris Walker (Cru Bar)
Damian North (Journey Wines)

Damon Koerner (Koerner)
Dan Clark (Adley Clark Wines)
Dan Wegener (Harvey Leighs)
David Bowley (Vinteloper)
David Brookes (Vinosense)
David Stevens-Castro (Crowne Plaza)
Emma Farrelly (State Buildings)
Emma Ferguson (No Mafia)
Evan Milne (Stock on Hand)
Foni Pollitt (Mayfair Lane)
Gabrielle Webster (Icebergs)
Gill Gordon-Smith (Fall From Grace)
Glen Robert (Bent Road)
James Broadway (Enoteca)
Jane Thomson (Fabulous Ladies Wine Society)
Jayden Ong (La Maison De Ong / Cumulus)
Jeremy Prus (Lalla Rookh)
Jess Ho (Time Out)
Jim Chatto (Chatto/Kreglinger)
John Hughes (Rieslingfreak)
John Pfister (ExCellar)
John Retsas (First Drop)
Josephine Perry (Dormilona)
Julia Paussa (Coast)
Justin Purser (Best’s Wines)
Kate Morgan (Ipso Facto)

Liina Jaumdally (2KW)
Lisa Cardelli (Rockpool)
Mac Forbes (Mac Forbes)
Manu Potoi (Rockwell & Sons)
Matt Swieboda (Love Tilley Devine)
Melanie Chester (Sutton Grange)
Michael Aylwayd (Ocean Eight)
Michael Downer (Murdoch Hill)
Mike De Iuliis (De Iuliis)
Mike Hay (Symphony Hill Wines)
Neville Pantazis (Parap Fine Foods)
Nic Peterkin (L.A.S. Vino)
Nick Spencer (Nick Spencer Wines)
Penny Grant (Blackbird)
Pete Dillon (Freelance)
Peter Dredge (Meadowbank)
Peter Rogers (Naked Bunch)
Philip Rich (Lucas Group)
Pip Anderson (MONA)
Randall Pollard (Randall’s)
Ray Costanzo (Golden Grove)
Richard Van Ruth (Ootra)
Richie Harkham (Harkham)
Ricky Evans (Two Tonne Tasmania)
Rollo Crittenden (Crittenden)
Samantha Payne (Nomad)

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