Rhys and Emma Parker Vallée du Venom

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In Margaret River, Rhys and Emma Parker have cultivated a distinctive approach to winemaking with Vallée du Venom, intertwining regional heritage with a flair for the contemporary. Their collection, adorned with labels that have an electro-punk aesthetic, boasts a dozen wines that combine Margaret River classics with avant-garde offerings like pet nats, chenin blanc, and chilled reds. This eclectic range, all sourced from local vineyards, reflects the Parkers’ innovative spirit. Central to their operation is the development of their ‘Urban Micro Winery’ in the northern Margaret River town of Dunsborough, and their Cellar Door ten minutes away at Yallingup Galleries.

The Parkers’ journey into winemaking is marked by a transition from environmental science and business to the meticulous art of viniculture. Rhys’s initial experiences in vineyards and cellars, paired with his academic background, laid a robust foundation for his winemaking philosophy. Emma’s versatile involvement in the business, spanning cellar operations to sales, complements their shared vision.

Their winemaking is a testament to their dedication to minimal intervention, underscored by stringent hygiene practices and a scientific approach. This philosophy extends to their relationships with growers, emphasizing organic practices and timely support, mirroring their commitment to quality and sustainability.

A unique aspect of their venture is their “Urban Micro Winery” in Dunsborough, where the entire winemaking process, from fruit reception to bottling, unfolds. Rhys notes, “What makes our wine distinctive is that we make wine in the middle of the Dunsborough suburbs! From fruit receival to bottling, it’s all done within the ‘urban micro winery’ we’ve built.” This unconventional setup highlights their hands-on approach and dedication to their craft.

Looking ahead, the Parkers aim to deepen their understanding of their chosen varietals and terroir. “We have always taken an alternative approach with these classic varieties and will continue pushing the boundaries and exploring different ways to express them,” they share. Their commitment to the Margaret River region is steadfast, yet they remain open to exploring new opportunities in areas like Pemberton, Denmark, and the broader Great Southern Area, always with an eye toward enhancing wine quality.

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