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From the family vineyard In the Piccadilly Valley subregion of Adelaide Hills, at altitude close to 600m, Harry Scanlon of Scanlon Wines is carving out his niche with two new Pinot Noirs added to the family label in 2022, with the intent of crafting distinct pinot offerings from the family vineyard.

Harry Scanlon’s winemaking journey is a narrative steeped in familial ties and a profound connection to the land. “Worked our family vineyard in Piccadilly Valley with my dad growing up,” reflects Scanlon, underscoring the foundational experiences that shaped his viticultural ethos. The vineyard, once a supplier to renowned labels, is now the heart from which Scanlon Wines beats, a testament to Scanlon’s dedication to his craft and heritage.

Under the mentorship of iconic figures like Taras Ochota, Stephen George, and Alex Trescowthick, Scanlon honed his skills and philosophy. “Taras took me under his wing & I worked with him for a couple years, been trying to make him proud since,” Scanlon recounts, acknowledging the profound impact of these relationships on his winemaking journey.

The inception of Scanlon Wines marked a new chapter, with the 2022 vintage unveiling new label designs and a dual Pinot Noir offering. Scanlon’s vision is clear: “Intent to create 2 distinct styles to suit different Pinot drinkers & markets,” he explains. This approach is a direct reflection of his nuanced understanding of the vineyard’s potential, combined with a tailored winemaking strategy to showcase the versatility and depth of Pinot Noir.

At the core of Scanlon’s philosophy is a deep-seated connection to his vineyard, where he and his father immerse themselves in the daily rhythm of the vines. “We live on the property, everything is about seeking perfection,” Scanlon states, emphasizing their hands-on approach to viticulture. This intimate relationship with the land is not just about cultivating grapes; it’s about nurturing a legacy.

Scanlon’s meticulous attention to detail extends to every facet of the winemaking process. “Winemaking done solely by me on the Estate,” he notes, underscoring the personal investment in each bottle produced. This artisanal approach is complemented by a commitment to organic practices and a minimal intervention philosophy in the cellar.

The Scanlon Estate Pinot Noir and the JMS Pinot Noir are more than just wines; they are narratives in a bottle, each telling a story of a unique parcel of land, a particular vintage, and a winemaker’s vision. The Estate Pinot, with its elegant and approachable profile, contrasts with the JMS Pinot’s concentration and depth, showcasing Scanlon’s adeptness in creating wines that resonate with a diverse audience.

Looking ahead, Scanlon is not content to rest on his laurels. “In 2024, planting 3.5ha of vines,” he reveals, outlining plans for expansion and experimentation. This forward-thinking mindset, coupled with a reverence for the land and a commitment to quality, positions Scanlon Wines as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the Australian wine landscape.

Harry Scanlon’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, the importance of place, and the endless pursuit of perfection in winemaking. As Scanlon Wines continues to evolve, it stands as a symbol of the dynamic and diverse potential of the Piccadilly Valley, a reflection of a winemaker’s love for his craft, and a celebration of the unique terroir that defines this special corner of the Adelaide Hills.

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