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Ben Schulz Dahlenburg, winemaker at the family-run Eldorado Road winery since 2016, embarked on a solo venture in 2017 with Nomads Garden. This label represents a vibrant divergence from the tradition-bound family vineyard, allowing Schulz Dahlenburg to explore a broader canvas of varieties and terroirs across North East Victoria. Nomads Garden is a celebration of singularity and creativity, offering a collection of single vineyard, wild ferment wines that are both intriguing and financially accessible. The lineup boasts unique offerings like a Pinot Meunier, a Skin Contact White, a Pinot Noir, and a ‘Durif Nouveau’, each telling a distinct story of place and process.

“North East Victoria has always been home for me, I grew up here. Working in the vines, pruning, lifting wires and doing other vineyard work for pocket money as a kid.”

But after finishing high school, he “got out of the North East and wine industry as soon as possible to study Applied Science (Environmental) in Melbourne.”

A transformative working holiday in Napa and South Africa reignited his passion for winemaking, culminating in a return to Australia, working in Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley while completing a Masters degree in Winemaking and Viticulture before his return home to craft wines for Eldorado Road in 2016.

Commenting his love for the region today, he says, “It may not have the prestige of some other regions but that is why I love it. Here we can still access incredible fruit for a price that isn’t inhibitive to making the wines we make, wines that are interesting, from these incredible vineyards grown by the most passionate viticulturalists.”

He digs deeper, “Living smack bang in the middle of North East Victoria I have the luxury of been less than a half hour drive from five very diverse Wine GI’s. King Valley, Alpine Valley, Beechworth, Glenrowan and Rutherglen. The diversity of climate, topography and varietals is the inspiration for Nomads Garden.”

“Nomads Garden is my playground for experimentation, where each bottle is a narrative woven from the diverse vineyards of North East Victoria.”

Nomads Garden has evolved organically from the operations of Eldorado Road. Commenting on starting a new label, Schulz Dahlenburg says, “I never really thought much about it, there was some Nero d’Avola in the winery surplus to the needs of Eldorado Road in 2017. I fermented it wild and as 100% whole bunches, the wine was pretty good our distributors were keen to sell it so we commissioned a local King Valley artist to create a label and Nomads Garden was born. It was really a bit of a creative outlet that just bubbled away on the of my job in the winery with Eldorado Road. It grew slowly and organically. It has only really been in the last couple of years that we have decided to get a bit serious, that is mainly the result of my amazing wife Ellie going on maternity leave and spending some time on growing the business.”

Schulz Dahlenburg’s approach with Nomads Garden is a reflection of his innovative spirit and dedication to the craft. “Nomads Garden is my playground for experimentation, where each bottle is a narrative woven from the diverse vineyards of North East Victoria,” he shares. His commitment to authenticity and minimal intervention shines through in his wines, which are all made using indigenous yeast and minimal additives to best express their terroir.

With Nomads Garden, Schulz Dahlenburg aims to challenge the status quo, demonstrating that single vineyard wines can be both fascinating and affordable. “I’m driven by the desire to create wines that are not only reflective of their origin but are also approachable and enjoyable for every wine enthusiast,” he explains. His focus on sustainability is evident in his practices, from vineyard management to packaging choices, all designed to lessen environmental impact.

Schulz Dahlenburg’s future vision for Nomads Garden is one of thoughtful growth, emphasizing quality and expression over expansion. “I want to continue to push boundaries, explore new varieties, and tell the unique stories of North East Victoria’s terroir through my wines.”

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