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Hugh Guthrie’s Guthrie label stands as a testament to the art of micro-batch winemaking, where each bottle narrates a unique tale of its provenance. From the his family’s Adelaide Hills farm, where the Guthries have been for five generations, he crafts his wines, working with the local knowledge of the top local growers and special pockets of the Adelaide Hills. His range showcases a thoughtful curation of the region’s classic varieties, enriched by more unconventional offerings, such as his Pinot Noir Syrah blend and a nuanced grüner veltliner. Guthrie’s approach is one of subtle innovation – his aim is not to overpower but to unveil the inherent narrative of each vineyard block and grape, letting the land’s voice resonate through his wines. This philosophy yields creations that are not just beverages but reflections of the Adelaide Hills’ diverse terroir, captured through a winemaker’s lens that values authenticity and a gentle guiding hand over intrusive intervention.

After completing his Masters in Oenology at the University of Adelaide, Hugh embarked on a vinous journey that saw him crafting wines in both South Australia and the USA before he answered the call of his family’s farm, turning it into the heartland of his winemaking venture.

“I’ve had a deep connection with the Adelaide Hills, says Guthrie. “I grew up around them, as have my family since 1866. My winery is on my farm ‘Rocky Glen’ which I’m 5th generation Guthrie to be the custodian of. It also helps that the vines, climate and land can create the elegant styles of wine that I love to make and drink”

Hugh’s approach to winemaking is a delicate dance between the scientific and the sensual. “I created the wines to be enjoyed with friends,” he reflects, encapsulating his philosophy of making wines that are “fresh, light and approachable.”

Yet, Hugh’s narrative is not just about crafting delightful wines; it’s also about adapting to an ever-changing environment. Climate change poses a significant challenge, and Hugh has responded with agility and foresight, adjusting his picking dates to preserve the inherent balance and character of his wines. “Picking dates have had to make a move with the warming climate,” he admits, highlighting his proactive stance in the face of global viticultural shifts.

Looking to the future, Hugh envisions an expansion that is not just about volume but about deepening the symbiosis between his winemaking and the pastoral legacy of his family’s land. “Over the next decade I would love to see it expand,” he says, revealing his plans to intertwine the vines with the farm’s broader agricultural tapestry. His ambition is to create a holistic environment where wine is an integral part of a larger ecological and familial narrative.

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