Theo’s Social Club

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The lowdown

A welcome relief from the conspicuous glamour of Noosa, Theo’s is a warm local for residents and blow-ins alike, with smart and simple food, a super-friendly vibe and some serious product.

The regular’s tip

Come for the wine but don’t skip the cocktails.


A quick glance down the small arcade off Sunshine Beach Road and you might just miss the little entrance to Theo’s Social Club, an intimate wine-drinkers escape in Noosa Heads. Owners Madeleine Campbell and Samuel Gray-Jones, team players in business and life, share the endless tasks that come from owning a tiny space with a joyful disposition. Every detail has been thought about – a feeling that you sense the moment you enter the room.

Unlike some of the bougie venues that line the coast in Noosa, Theo’s is like stepping into an old friend’s kitchen, where minimalistic interiors bring focus to the long kitchen, disguised as a bar. “Theo’s is our attempt at bringing everything we love together in one venue – delicious wine, snacks and good vinyl spinning,” says Campbell. “From the moment you step through the front door, we want you to feel like you stepped out of the Noosa coastal vibes and straight into a city escape.”

With a 110-bottle wine list fashioned from new-age producers, Theo’s gives a broad look at alternative, Italian and classic varieties grown locally. It offers a taste of international wines but with a sense of adventure, featuring regions off the beaten track. But you don’t have to be ‘in the know’ to enjoy yourself. Campbell, Gray-Jones and their tiny team make guests feel comfortable to explore and experience the different shades their wine list has to offer with their casual and bright service style.

While Gray-Jones focuses on front of house and wine list duties, Campbell runs their compact kitchen, preparing small plates of cheese, charcuterie, parfait and anchovy tins – familiar favourites in supporting role as ‘wine food’. They have created a venue with a welcoming feel, where guests can pop in for a snack or use the menu as a grazing dinner, always with something delicious to drink on offer.

“We truly believe there is a wine out there for everyone from the wine amateur to the wine connoisseur, whether that be a natural orange to a full-bodied red,” says Gray-Jones. “I think our originality stems from our desire to cater to everyone and we strive to make education and wine knowledge all part of that experience.”

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