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The lowdown

The sweet lil’ sister to the big Chippendale night-time attraction of The Abercrombie is a cute wine shop and bar in the terrace house next door. Bright rather than gloomy, Lil Sister has a lively drinks list that puts the wares of female winemakers and organic/biodynamic producers on a pedestal.

The regular’s tip

Watch the sunset from the west-facing view over surrounding buildings for “Aperitivo Hour” between 4pm and 6pm, making the most of an ever-growing aperitif selection brimming with vermouth, sherry and pastis.

Lil Sis forms part of multi-level Sydney nightlife hub The Abercrombie, which underwent a transformation in late 2022 to create three venues that provide separate experiences.

The Abercrombie has a large performance space and beer garden, Casa Rosa is its rooftop cocktail bar, and Lil Sis, located in 1850s terrace houses adjoining The Abercrombie, is a late-night neighbourhood wine bar and shop, inspired by the charming ‘cave à vins’ found in Paris neighbourhoods.

Highlighting the character and beauty of its heritage-listed buildings, Lil Sis presents a brith, tangerine-coloured wine shop at street level, with a large round table for engaging tastings and a two-person table at the window ideal for intimate people-watching. Upstairs is a moodily lit wine bar, where patrons get comfortable in a booth or at the bar.

Head sommelier Zoe Brunton presents a list of about 70 wines, with about 45 available by the glass, focusing on smaller producers and especially female winemakers – which has been a big hit with its clientele. “I want the wine list to be diverse, interesting and, above all else, to have wines that are engaging and worth talking about,” says Brunton. “Therefore, we showcase and share producers and wine regions that we are excited about from all over the world. It’s all about winemakers who are passionate about their terroir and make wines that speak of their place.”

This translates to focusing on producers who pursue organic or biodynamic processes and focus on sustainability as a whole. “We want the list to be fun, approachable and diverse – so therefore most of the wines are available by the glass, for those wanting to venture through our range and explore. But we love wine in all its forms, so that includes vermouth, americanos, sherry alongside pastis, cocktails and beers.”

To sit comfortably with the drinks, chef Alexis Georgiou explores a sprinkling of Mediterranean influences in a share-style spanning from snacks to larger dishes. Try gildas (plump green olive, fatty anchovy and vinegary guindilla pepper with grated lemon rind), or taramasalata with purple sweet potato chips, to classic spaghetti meatballs. They’re just begging for a glass to accompany them.

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