2020 Top 50: Victoria & New Shades of White


Friday May 22, 5pm AEST

This event will run for approximately one hour.
To “attend” this virtual event, you will need to complete the “register now” form at the bottom of this web page.
Attendees will be able to ask questions during the live interactive broadcast.
The list of wines to be featured are named below, should you wish to source the wines and taste along during the event.

If seeking to purchase the wines, we recommend our YGOW Awards retail partner, Langton’s, or via the wineries directly.

Winemakers at the event to chat

  • Alexander Byrne, Noisy Ritual (Victoria)
  • Alexi Christidis, Chalari Wines (Swan Valley, WA)
  • Andrew Scott, La Petite Mort (Granite Belt, QLD)
  • Bart Van Olphen, Chalmers (Heathcote/Murray Darling, VIC)
  • Chris Catlow, Sentio (Beechworth, VIC)
  • Hadyn Black, Black & Ginger (Great Western, VIC)
  • Leighton Joy, Pyren Vineyard (Pyrenees, VIC)
  • Raquel Jones, Weathercraft (Beechworth, VIC)

Wines to be tasted and discussed

  • 2018 Sentio ‘Beechworth’ Chardonnay (Beechworth) RRP $48
  • 2018 Noisy Ritual ‘Full Noise – Mornington’ Pinot Noir (Mornington Peninsula) RRP $42
  • 2019 Chalmers Nero d’Avola (Heathcote) RRP $27
  • 2018 Pyren Vineyard ‘Earthscape Franc’ Cabernet Franc (Pyrenees) RRP $35
  • 2018 Weathercraft Wines Shiraz (Beechworth) RRP $38

New shades of white

  • 2019 Black & Ginger ‘Miss Piggy’ Orange Muscat, Riesling (Grampians) RRP $25
  • 2019 Chalari Wines Vermentino (Swan Valley) RRP $35
  • 2019 La Petite Mort ‘Qvevri Gentil’ Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Pinot Gris (Australia) RRP $35

Please note, the Black & Ginger ‘Miss Piggy’ and the Chalari Vermentino are available in YGOW Awards Top 50 mixed pack offers available at Langton’s.

One of the mixed packs available from Langton’s.

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