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Good Gilbert

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Goodwood, South Australia

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Full time

Good Gilbert

A diverse and unique neighbourhood bar, located in the leafy suburb of Goodwood in Adelaide. We are a young, award winning venue, with a large expansion set for mid 2022

Good Gilbert is on the hunt for a savvy beverage manager. In August 2022, we begin works on the expansion of our existing site, to double in capacity and build a full open plan kitchen.

‘Good Gilbert is the kind of local we all wish we had, with an exciting and well-priced wine list, en pointe simple food and uber-friendly but deeply knowledgeable crew. It’s the platonic ideal of a local wine bar’

We are not fine dining (although we think we’re pretty fucking good – or at least, the Aus Good Food Guide says so), we believe in the accessibility of wine, and approach it with a very unpretentious attitude; it’s meant to be fun, enjoyed and shared. This does not mean we don’t take it seriously, we just want our customers to enjoy it as much as us, in a casual, uplifting environment.

The ideal candidate, needs to know how to break it down, help explain the products without sounding out of tune. Be fun, know how to chat and engage on a personal level with our customers, as they are our top priority. Everyone that walks through the doors are special to us, there are no exceptions, everyone deserves the best possible experience.

The role extends beyond knowledge and appreciation of wine, we have a range of evolving and changing beers and spirits; we have no contracts with anyone, and have no interest in doing so – we like to change things up as and how we see fit. The cocktails need to be seasonal, have a strong ethos around sustainability (we make and use our own shrubs and cordials from wasted fruit and veg) but be easy enough for customers to understand and appreciate, whilst being easy to replicate

The beverage manager oversees the beverage programs of our (new) dining room and existing casual bar space, from planning to execution. Their job is to manage the day-to-day operations, supervise and delegate responsibilities among staff, organize schedules and activities, set objectives and guidelines, monitor inventories to ensure an adequate supply of beverages, and coordinate with suppliers to purchase orders, building positive business relationships in the process. Moreover, a beverage manager monitors operations and resolves issues promptly and professionally, all while implementing policies and regulations.

This is very much a hands-on role, and will require someone who has held a similar position that is able to multitask and work around service. A keen eye for detail will be essential, as well as a willingness to learn, adapt, and be flexible is essential, as it will entail dealing with other aspects of the business outside of Beverage service and management.

As a small dynamic team, we value a work life balance, and as such, this role will be a 4 day working week across 6 days of operation.

Salary is negotiable, and will be re-evaluated after a probationary period of 6 months.

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