Riedel Performance Sensory Workshop


Did you know that the shape and size of your glass will affect the aroma, flavour and overall profile of wine? A Riedel Sensory Workshop is an entertaining and educational opportunity to explore how the right glassware can enhance your wine drinking experience.

Hosted at Hellbound Wine Bar, this workshop will demonstrate the important role our wine glass plays in wine enjoyment. This fascinating class incorporates decades of research and development in grape varietal specific glassware and will give you a glimpse into Riedel’s 260-year history of design and invention.

Four glasses (Riesling, Oaked Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz) will be varietally matched to four premium Australian wines:

With the use of four glasses the Riedel Performance series (one of their newest), you can see for yourself why shape matters. This series is the first designed by both Georg and Maximilian Riedel, 10th and 11th generations, who joined forces to bring wine lovers their most technologically advanced series yet. Riedel Performance combines decades of experience in grape varietal specific glassware with an optic effect that heightens the drinker’s experience.

For further info and bookings, please go to Riedel’s website.