• Australia’s Best Sangiovese

    With six of the brightest wine minds in attendance, and 36 wines carefully selected and decanted for this blind tasting, we set out to get a better image of where the grape currently stands in an Australian context.

  • Australia’s Best Nebbiolo

    With both maturing vines and a depth of winemaking knowledge on how to handle the fruit, we thought it timely to line up as many currently available Australian bottlings of nebbiolo to see how it’s faring across the land.

  • The Future of Henschke

    “All old vines were young vines once,” says Stephen. “We’re curators of ancestor vines that are revered now. But once upon a time they were planted by people who – like Prue is now – were just exploring different grape varieties in this new country to see what would work. Back then, it was shiraz; now we’re planting nebbiolo, tempranillo, a whole multitude of new varieties that could well become old vines for future generations of Henschkes.”

  • Rieslings to be Cheerful – Frankland Estate

    Aside from the few who are pushing the boundaries of avant-garde experimentation, Riesling in this country is often a very straight up and down proposition. Typically, the grapes are gently pressed to stainless steel tanks, where the juice is fermented with cultured yeast at a cool temperature to preserve fruit flavour, then kept there for…

  • Confessions of a Chardonnay Tragic

    We asked wine wholesaler and seasoned hospitality veteran William Wager, of The Collection Fine Wines, about some of the changes, for the better, that he’s seen in his 20-year-long career working with wine, and what really gets him excited about Australian wine right now.