Gippsland’s Fertile Ground

Wines Of Now
  • Gippsland’s Fertile Ground

    Gippsland is currently seeing its stocks of young makers and vignerons swell, inspired both by the proof of its qualities from top makers and for the sheer scope of its untapped potential. The 2021 Young Gun of Wine Top 50 features A.R.C. Wines, Entropy and Moonlight Forest, who are all helping to shape Gippsland’s future. Tasting notes appear at the end of the article.

  • Grenache – So Hot Right Now

    Grenache has never really had the full attention it deserves. Until now, that is. Today, makers are rethinking the possibilities for this unquestionably great grape, with many moving away from the dark side, making lighter bodied expressions that focus on fragrance and finesse.

  • Unprecedented

    Like many of us, Ravensworth’s Brian Martyn had a pretty crap year in 2020. First the bushfire smoked out his crop and a big slice of income, then COVID did its thing. That’s enough to get anyone down, but the wine (and beer – read on) community’s a resourceful one, and with a little help from his friends, he’s stitched together a dazzlingly silky purse from one hell of a sow’s (y)ear.

  • Australia’s 50 Best Young Wine Labels & Winemakers in 2021

    This year marks the 15th annual edition of the Young Gun of Wine Awards – created for young wine labels and winemakers on the rise. The annual list has become the go-to guide for drinkers looking for cutting-edge wines. And now, the time has come to uncover our Top 50 winemakers for 2021.

  • Australia’s Best Chenin Blanc

    With a new wave of Australian producers dedicated to elevating the grape, a Deep Dive was called for, so we gathered as many bottlings as we could find and enlisted the help of eight of this country’s finest palates to check in to see just where Australian chenin blanc is at.

  • Perfect Match – Ocean Eight & Jerry Mai

    The food of South-East Asia has perhaps made the most dramatic impact on the current generation. So, do our wines pair with South-East Asian food? With the Mornington Peninsula’s Ocean Eight Winery doing a Vietnamese barbecue pop-up with Jerry Mai and her Bia Hoi team, we went along to find out.