Trade Partners
Trade Partners
Amorim Australia

Amorim is the world’s leading cork company. Being a leader means setting the bar, challenging the status quo and remaining ahead of the pack. At Amorim, we are focussed on achieving quality and consistency through ever-tightening controls, bringing the rich traditions of the past into the future in a rapidly expanding range of products. We take a gift from nature, and refine it to enrich the wine experience. At almost 150 years young we’re just getting warmed up!

Future Days

We design to be noticed and remembered.

Future Days is our freedom, our music, our reason to get up each day and challenge the world. It is our vehicle for storytelling.

What we do involves ‘ego’, but ultimately everything we design is in the service of others. We like striving and pushing.

Our greatest fear is stagnation.

Longfellows Insurance Brokers

George Zaal established his brokerage in 1989 with a clear idea to become a market leader in his passion; Wine. With over 50 years’ experience in the insurance industry in both the underwriting and broking sectors, the man at the helm of Longfellows has a clear and through understanding of the insurance market. Skilled in negotiation, claims adjusting, risk surveying and settlement, over 250 wine clients cannot be wrong when they select George and Longfellows as their preferred insurance brokerage

Multi-Colour Australia

With more than a century of expertise in label printing, Multi-Color is proud to support the Young Gun of Wine Awards, and the Australian Wine Community with label solutions that help build brands and drive sales through world class label solutions. From regional artisans to global brands, Multi-Color has a suite of technologies, substrates, embellishments and market leading innovations to deliver best value for quality across all mediums, to ensure that your label is a true reflection of your brand. With production facilities in four sites, Multi-Color is perfectly positioned to support the diversity of Australia’s wine regions.


Portavin is Australia’s leading independent wine services supplier, making your life easier by taking care of all wine bottling, packaging, quality assessment, warehouse and dispatch needs.

With ten winemakers working in our five sites across Australia, you can be assured that your wine is in good hands from the moment it arrives.

Our multi-site model provides you with significant cost savings to bottle and package your wine at a location close to markets and transportation hubs. Less movement of materials and product also creates a greener environment.

Sommeliers Australia

Sommeliers Australia is the national body for sommeliers and wine service professionals, delivering representation, knowledge and skills to the hospitality industry and beyond.

The association offers it’s members opportunities to access wine and service education through specialist tastings, scholarships and other events, with the additional aim of encouraging greater awareness of the sommeliers role.


vintrace is a sophisticated yet surprisingly intuitive business software designed specifically for winemakers. Easy to use and powerful, vintrace takes the guesswork out of making great wines and building a great business. Locally owned, and based in Melbourne vintrace helps thousands of winemakers all over the world.